Hansen Garden

The design challenge on this property was to create a usable, comfortable, beautiful garden out of a very narrow back yard and sideyard. To achieve this, we focused the design of the back garden on how it would be viewed from inside the home, as there are several rooms that look out to this area. We added a small deck off the living room, then paths that move in and out of the plantings creating a sense of movement and breaking up the tight feel of the narrow space. Gorgeous blue glazed pots became a centerpiece of the space, along with plantings that focused on texture and plant color vs flower.  The main outdoor living area was then created in the side yard, where guests can easily access it from the front yard, and where there was afforded a little more privacy. This area includes a dining and bbq patio and is planted with Paperbark Maples and hostas as ground cover.  

Design & Project Coordination: The Ardent Gardener

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