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The Benefits of Gardening

Laurie Van Zandt Ogden Valley News, Volume XII Issue III Very often when I sit down with homeowners to discuss their landscape design needs, one of the first things they say that they want is “no maintenance”. That being ruled out, they will compromise with “low maintenance”. While there are planting schemes that can be considered low maintenance, it seems that what they are really saying is that they are not used to enjoying their gardens, and they therefore don’t want to be in their garden any more than necessary. A wonderful, joyous garden will beckon you out into it. … Continue reading

Design is Influenced By Experiences – Experience More

By Laurie Van Zandt Ogden Valley News – December 15, 2004 A recent trip to London and Paris with the Association of Professional Landscape Designers provided me with a unique opportunity to explore centuries old, traditional English gardens; the strong planterly forms and dramatic contrasts of light and shade in Anthony Paul’s Sculptural Garden ‘The Black and White Garden’; Julie Toll’s contemporary, natural style executed with wildflower meadows and flowering lawns; the subtle, watercolor gardens of Claude Monet; and the exciting gardens at Citroen Parc, where architecture and nature, French Baroque and modern geometry, urban and rural, collide to form … Continue reading